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Snowy Range is upgrading, we are going RFID this season. This means changes for everyone, but this should make everything simpler for everyone. With RFID microchip technology you will not have to show your pass/ticket visually. When you purchase a ticket through our webshop you will pay a $2 fee but only the first time after that you can just reload your ticket online and head straight to the lift. If you reload your ticket online you can skip the ticket lines and hop on your lift of choice.

Photo Upload & Pass Pick Up Details

RFID Do’s & Don’ts:

  • DO verify that you have the correct RFID card because ages matter.
  • DO reload tickets onto your RFID card online to avoid ticket lines and save money.
  • DO have your email receipt on your phone for easy pick up at the ticket windows or kiosk.
  • DO NOT forget, lose or damage your RFID card. There is a $2 fee to replace any card.
  • DO NOT punch a hole in your RFID card it will ruin the microchip.
  • DO NOT place your RFID card in a left pocket with anything else especially another card.
What if I washed my pass/ticket?2021-09-29T16:27:43+00:00

If you accidentally wash your pass or ticket it should be fine. They are designed to survive wear and tear. If your pass/ticket no longer works at the lift we can issue a new card at the ticket office for $2.

Can I punch a hole in my pass?2021-09-29T16:24:42+00:00

No, because of the microchip and antenna a hole can not be punched into the card. To use a lanyard please use a clear plastic sleeve to hold the card and attach the lanyard.

What is the WTP# on my pass or ticket?2021-09-29T16:23:09+00:00

Each card has a unique encoded number call the WTP#, you will use this to reload your card. Visit snowyrangeski.com/reload to reuse your ticket. When you purchase a ticket you will use the WTP# printed on your card to reload the same ticket. Make sure you use the same card.

How do I reload my ticket?2021-09-29T16:21:35+00:00

Visit snowyrangeski.com/reload to reuse your ticket. When you purchase a ticket you will use the WTP# printed on your card to reload the same ticket. Make sure you use the same card.

How should I wear my RFID card?2021-09-29T16:19:19+00:00

  • All passes/tickets must be carried in a pocket on the left side of your jacket
  • The pass/ticket must be the only thing in the pocket
    • no other passes/tickets
    • no hotel keys
    • no phones
    • no wallets
How do RFID Season Passes Work?2021-11-18T23:22:42+00:00

All season passes will have a color photo on the RFID card, they are different than our everyday lift ticket. Make sure you review where put your pass in order to avoid any issues at the gate.

If you purchased a season pass prior to October 11, 2021, we will email you about your new account once we have it set up. You will then log into your account and upload a photo. you will need to log into your account.

If you purchased your pass between October 11-November 15, 2021 your picture will be uploaded at the time of purchase. All passes can be picked up at the ticket office.

How do I pick up my ticket?2021-09-29T16:09:20+00:00

When you purchase a lift ticket online you can pick up your ticket at the outdoor kiosk or any of the ticket windows. Each lift ticket is unique to each age group and will be loaded with the date you purchased online.

If you are reloading your ticket you DO NOT have to pick up a new ticket you can use the same ticket and go directly to the lift once you arrive. Make sure you have the correct ticket in your pocket before you try to use it.

What is RFID?2021-09-29T16:05:36+00:00

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device. Each RFID card contains a microchip that holds the information with your pass/ticket information. Your card is automatically read by the gates at each lift and the gate will open if your pass/ticket is valid.

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