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The best way to improve your skills is a one-on-one lesson with one of our top instructors. Private lessons are the most flexible lesson package Snowy Range offers. Available as a full-day lesson or hourly for as long as you like, with as many people as you like, the private lesson format will give you and your friends or family plenty of time to improve your abilities.

During your first lesson with your professional instructor, you will learn about your equipment, and you will gain the confidence and skill necessary to help guide you through learning to turn and stop for the first time. At the end of the lesson, you will have the knowledge and confidence to safely and competently travel down our slopes, an understanding of the sport and how the mountain works, and you will have learned a challenging, lifelong skill.

Private Lesson Pricing

Student (4 and under)$84$138$54$59
Student (5+ yrs)$94$148$54$59


Full Day Private Lessons are available for $238, additional students may be added for $108 each.

FAMILY FULL DAY PRIVATE LESSONS (up to 5 students) are $562.

All private lessons must be booked 3 days in advance. Rentals and Lift Tickets are not included but may be purchased at a discounted rate. Full Day Lessons are 10 AM to 3:30 PM with a one-hour lunch break. Lunch is provided.

What is the Refund and Weather Policy?2019-05-30T16:49:01+00:00
  • Skiing and Snowboarding are outdoor sports. Beware of changing mountain conditions.
  • All non-used lesson vouchers may be raincheck for another day.
  • All reservations are non-refundable.
I see that lessons are not available online 48 hours in advance, does this mean lesson are sold out?2019-05-30T16:45:04+00:00

No, MSS will normally have openings in all of our lessons. The 48-hour blackout online is to allow for proper staffing at the MSS. Please call the MSS Office for information regarding short-notice lessons. We do not guarantee availability for lessons within 48 hours, but the staff will do their best to accommodate your lesson needs.

Does the MSS offer Telemark Lessons?2019-05-30T16:43:23+00:00

MSS offers telemark lessons upon special request, please call the MSS for details. (307) 745-5750

Are Private or Group lessons better?2019-05-30T16:41:26+00:00

In general, children 5 and under will learn more in private lessons because the instructor can teach at the pace of one student instead of many. For ages 5 and up, how an individual learns is different for everyone. For many, learning in a group environment is best. For others, one-on-one instruction is best.

What is the average size of a group lesson?2019-05-30T16:39:40+00:00

The size of group lessons can vary based on the weekend and the age group of the students. Sizes average between 6 and 20 students.

Can a student with disabilities be included in a group lesson?2019-05-30T16:38:37+00:00

Absolutely! But please call in advance so that MSS can make sure to have a trained instructor to assist the student in the group lesson.

What ability level should I sign up for?2019-05-30T16:37:33+00:00

Lesson ability levels are based on what skills had been achieved in a prior lesson. Please see Ability Levels for more in-depth descriptions.

How early do we need to arrive before a lesson?2019-05-30T16:36:24+00:00

The MSS ask that all students are checked in for their lesson at least 30 minutes prior to their lesson. If you are also getting rentals please allow 1 hour to be fitted and ready for the lesson. We ask that all students meet at the meeting place 5 minutes prior to the lesson starting time.

What is the youngest age accepted into a lesson?2019-05-30T16:34:31+00:00

3-years-old, in a children’s private lesson.

Can a Youth (5-12 yrs) Student join an older Teen (13-17 yrs) Sibling in a group lesson?2019-05-30T16:30:21+00:00

While staff does their best to accommodate families, in general, the age difference between most Teen groups and Youth groups is too great. A private family lesson may be the best option.

Cancellation Policy2019-05-22T21:02:05+00:00

Online reservations, including Lift Tickets, Rentals, Lessons and Lesson Packages will be assessed a $25 flat fee if canceled 24 hours prior to the intended date of use. Inside of 24 hours or after the date of use no refund will be offered. If you do not use the reservation you may redeem on a different date, but you must contact the Snowy Range ticket office within 24 hours of the intended date of use. Online tickets expire at the end of the selected date. Online tickets may not be purchased on the day of use or at the Snowy Range ticket office.

Can 4 & Under Students be in group lessons?2019-05-30T16:28:18+00:00

Due to the development and ability of the child, along with additional demands placed upon instructors. Snowy Range asks that 3 and 4-year-old children take private lessons only one hour at a time.