Not sure what to wear when skiing or snowboarding? We suggest proper layering for mountain activities. That means waterproof top and bottom, insulating base layer(s), hat (or helmet!) and winter gloves. Check out our blog post about Staying Warm

Not sure what layers mean? It means you don’t want to be too hot, nor do you want to be too cold. You want to be just right, and most importantly, dry. The key to warmth is making smart apparel choices and layering. We suggest dressing in three layers: inside, middle, and outer. You may not need as many layers of clothing as you think. On a sunny day, you may only need two layers – the waterproof outer layer and the turtleneck/long underwear first layer. But bring a middle layer (fleece or wool sweater) just in case. You can always take off some layers as you warm up.

Sunglasses or goggles are highly recommended. Dangerous UV rays from the sun, which become stronger with the reflection of surfaces such as snow, can damage eyes. At higher elevations wear extra sunscreen as the ultraviolet rays are stronger. Even on cloudy days, sunscreen is a must.